What happens to our bodies when we watch romantic movies?

Who doesn’t like romantic movies? I don’t think anyone hasn’t shed a few tears at the end of a romantic story. All these emotions and states are a result of the chemical reactions that occur in our bodies when we are exposed emotionally charged scenes. The brain produces the love hormone and it feeds us. It builds happy scenarios in our minds and projects them into our daily lives. It’s not unusual for us to start having a relationship and a marriage “like in movies” after we have watched many movies with happy endings.

Have you ever cried tears of joy at a romantic movie? What happens to our bodies and minds when we see scenes of love, declarations, emotions, or just a cinematic moment that impresses us? Stories are one of the strongest forms of communication. Our brain responds more strongly to stories that include people hugging or kissing. Our experiences can also be transformed and transformed by romantic stories.

The love hormone is produced by our bodies

When we interact with stories, certain parts of our brain simulate the emotions that the characters portray. This neural response is known as “transport”. The brain releases the “lovehormone”. The neurochemical responsible for empathy is oxytocin. The heart rate increases, palms begin to sweat and breathing rate decreases. These reactions can literally transpose us into another dimension and allow us to experience the magic of love beyond our screen. Strange that chocolate consumption can have the same effect.

Romantic movies can give us hope

Phillip Hodson, British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy says that “we must live by stories which help us deal with harsh realities.” Idealism can play a role in convincing us that, no matter how miserable, decrepit, or bored, there is someone for us. You know what? You know what?

Stress hormones are released

Sometimes, we cry out of intense emotions like sadness or joy. These reactions release stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, which help us feel all the emotions on a deeper level. “Sad movies allow us to deal and feel with our emotions, such as those about loss, heartbreak, or failure. Jonathan Alpert, a New York-based psychotherapist, says that these films can be inspiring. Seeing how others handle sadness can help us learn how to deal with it and how we can persevere in the face if difficulties.” Watch many series and movies with Romanian subtitles on fs online pages. Here you will find many love movies online available for free if you know the Romanian language. Unfortunately, there is no version of this website for English speakers. Read more on blog, many good informations for you there!

Relaxation is good for the brain

In movies with Love as the theme, the crucial moment is when all problems are gone and the lovers find and fall in love again. Our brain is able to relax and feel safe in those moments, which can help us forget any worries or thoughts that might cause anxiety. Sometimes a happy ending in movies can do more than an antidepressant or headache pill. You can eliminate insomnia by watching a romantic comedy before you go to bed.