What is Lazy Loading and how can it increase the loading speed in the store?

Lazy loading is a great practice to speed up page loading and improve the user experience of websites, especially for online shops. Its activation is crucial in the context Google Core Web Vitals metrics implementation, which aims to increase the visitor experience on website pages.

What is the Lazy Loading function?

The Lazy Loading function will allow images to be loaded slowly on listing pages, just as they appear on the page. (The user can only access them when they reach them). Listings with many product images will load much faster and the browser will not download any background images that are not displayed on the page.

If the Lazy Loading function has been inactive, the browser will download all images in the background when the page contains large numbers of products. In this case, both the resources and time that the user spends waiting for the content load are lost.

Instead, the Lazy Loading function will allow the client to view images as he navigates through the site. The display will happen automatically without any intervention from you. Page loading speeds will increase and all elements will be displayed immediately. This greatly improves the user experience, especially for mobile devices (phones and tablets), which load slower than desktops or laptops.