Seo Image Optimization

We tend to be focused on the importance of content when discussing SEO strategy. However, we often forget about other types of content that can generate significant traffic. Because infographics and images are powerful visual tools, they are especially important in web design.
Google’s universal search often includes images taken from the search result page (SERP). In many cases, they appear at top of the search results list with the first search results. It is not an insignificant problem as it can help to ensure that our website gets found and is visited.

Images are so important

You may not have realized it, but images can drive a lot traffic to your website or online store. You can optimize the photos you add to your page so they appear high up in search results for image-based searches, such as Google Images. This will increase the number of visitors to the article where you have placed these images.

Does that sound good? You just have to know how to optimize images for search engines to increase web traffic. These tricks will make it much easier than you might think.

What happens if images used on my website aren’t mine but come from another source? What happens if you have duplicate images?

We must first be truthful and ensure that images are allowed to be used on our website.

The duplicated images are not a problem within the positioning, unlike web results. Google image search will usually show a different version of an image than others. However, it doesn’t always give priority to the original. It is possible for an image with a better optimization, which is not necessarily the original, to get a better ranking.

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