These are the best WordPress themes

You most likely have WordPress installed on your domain name and hosting package. You still have time to review our quick guide to installing WordPress in just a few steps if you haven’t yet.

The big question is: What theme do you use on your website? There are many opinions on which themes to choose from, whether they be paid or free. It is futile to search for the best, because there isn’t one.

How can you pick a theme for your WordPress site?

My criteria for a great theme are:

  • Your site should load quickly upon visitor access.
  • No matter what device you access the website from, graphics and information will be displayed correctly.
  • You can easily modify the template (up to a certain point) to suit your needs.
  • You need to be there for your friends and family online.

These criteria have been established. I’ll now explain why they are so important.

Website loaded quickly

Speed is the new age. Google and visitors will appreciate a website that loads quickly. In other articles, I have already discussed speed.

Not all WordPress themes load fast enough for site loading. Some themes are too slow and have poor optimization. Some themes load unnecessary code, or make unneeded requests.

Do not be deceived by themes that appear great, until you see the functionality. Many themes I’ve seen looked amazing, even frameable, yet were so hard to load that you had to abandon the site.

Poorly optimized themes can also be very demanding for your web hosting service. If you insist on keeping them, you might need to upgrade.

To be mobile responsive and compatible on any device

Mobile phones are more popular than computers for shopping online or accessing the Internet.

It is important to check that the theme works on your mobile phone, regardless of the resolution, tablets or other devices. This also checks for compatibility with all browsers. Many desktop themes are unusable on smartphones. There are no missing buttons, menus or large images.

You can modify the theme to your liking, at least as an interface

Each theme can be used for one type of website, or multiple types. There are themes that can be used for shopping, travel, automotive, photography and other purposes.

No matter what type of website you have, you need to choose a theme that you can customize in detail.

You might change the font used for your theme to add another favorite. You might also want to alter the number of columns. You might also want to change the color scheme of the menu. Your website will grow as you have more needs and requirements.

It can be difficult to change a theme that isn’t compatible with your site’s existing design if it is already in place. To avoid extra costs and to save money on freelancers or other themes, choose one that is customizable from the beginning.

Stable support should be provided for the theme and it should be kept updated.

Although you might not think it matters, you can also see the number of WordPress updates. WordPress is always evolving to meet the needs of the online world, whether it’s security updates or new features.

Every plugin and theme must keep up with these updates. If the team who developed the theme stops updating it, your website could be at risk.

As important as the theme’s documentation is support. If you modify the website, there may be problems that you are unable to solve using the documentation. You will need to get support in order to quickly resolve any problems.

Are you looking for a free or paid theme?

A paid theme is my recommendation, considering the above.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to free themes.

There is no cost. Disadvantages? The disadvantages?

You can give part of your money to the theme and part for support and updates.
Nulled themes

You can find free versions (nulled) of paid themes on the Internet.

These themes are actually free of charge by hackers who take advantage of your ignorance.

These nulled themes often contain malicious code that could put your site at serious risk. The same applies to pirated software that is full of viruses.

Don’t fall for the trap of premium themes that are “free”.

The top WordPress themes

I have a lot of experience in WordPress themes, and I can give you some suggestions.

These themes were chosen because they most closely matched the criteria I discussed above.

Genesis Framework

It is very popular all over the globe. The framework is a parent structure that can hold additional themes (child-themes). The parent framework is the base for all themes, allowing them to run at their own speed and security.

You can buy Genesis with an additional theme or just the framework. Or, you can choose to add one of many free themes.

Genesis Strengths:

  • It is very affordable
  • It’s optimized for SEO
  • Easy to modify
  • Support and forum dedicated to permanent issues

Generate Press

This theme was one of the fastest to develop and earned the title of “fastest WordPress themes”. This theme is compatible with all WordPress plugins and supports numerous modifications.

Generate Press strengths

  • Website loaded quickly
  • You can create your website with these free templates in just a few clicks
  • Excellent support


Divi is a great theme for anyone who wants to create a custom website.

The theme includes a page builder, which allows you to build your site piece by piece using visual elements.

Divi comes with pre-made templates that can be used on any type of website.

Divi Strengths

A website can be built 100% according to your specifications without any programming or code knowledge.
Permanent support and dedicated forum

These are just some of the themes available, but there are many other options.

You only need to create a plan, know what you want your website to look like and what functionality it should offer.

After you have made your decision, find the theme that best suits the criteria you discussed. Success.