YouTube SEO: How to optimize YouTube videos

Everyone is familiar with YouTube. YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world after Google. People are talking more about YouTubers like Zoella, SteveKardynal, and PewDiePie. They provide information to Internet users about movies, video games, politics, and many other topics. All of them have one thing in commun: They reach millions of YouTube users.

YouTube is a great tool for reaching your target audience. It’s about reaching as many people as possible.

It is difficult to stand out from other YouTube channels. This channel publishes approximately 400 hours of video content every minute. There is another way to drive traffic to your videos. SEO optimization can help you get a higher ranking on YouTube.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is a type of digital marketing where we use a video to communicate our ideas, products, or services… This format is much more appealing than other formats such as infographics postcasts and written articles.

Audiovisual content makes up 78% of all content online. This is something your brand should not ignore. Videos are easy to share and fun. It is also an inexpensive way to increase conversions, encourage engagement, and it is easy to share.

In fact, 9/10 internet users watch videos from companies. 65% of users visit a brand’s site after watching a movie. It is expected that online video will make up 84% of all Internet traffic by 2019.

If you don’t have video included in your marketing strategy, you should. And if your videos are already created, you should make the most of them. YouTube SEO is the answer.

YouTube categorizes videos in what way?

YouTube considers the same variables that Google does in its algorithm to determine which videos will appear in search results.

It is important to assess the relevance of the content (in this case, the video) for the person searching for it.

These are the most important:

  • Playback time is the length of time a user watches a video.
  • Keywords: They provide relevancy to the content.
  • Subscribers: A channel with thousands or hundreds of subscribers will perform better that one with only 15 subscribers. This behavioral signal indicates that the channel’s relevance and quality are high.
  • Interactions: We like and we don’t love comments. These signals help YouTube, Google, and other search engines determine if a particular video is worthy of more visibility.
  • YouTube videos should not be long. To get the most out of YouTube content, users should be interested and able to view it. It is best to limit the viewing time to 10-15 minutes.

What is SEO optimization for YouTube?

SEO stands for search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization). It is a term that refers to a way to improve your position in search engines. Certain keywords, also known as “keywords”, are used to optimize web pages for Google or other search engines. Similar SEO optimization works for YouTube videos. The goal of SEO optimization is not to improve the position of a website. This article will show you how to increase the reach of your channel.

Video SEO is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. This is because videos are more prominent in search results and often rank higher than the other results. You can make your video work by creating unique content. However, you don’t have to do much to increase your SEO.

You will need to perform these tasks to improve the ranking of your videos on YouTube

Video is the most popular format, and it generates the most trust. It is interesting to note that the film helped us escape from the Great Depression from both a psychological and economic perspective. Video has been more popular, more efficient, and better produced since then. People love video platforms like YouTube, but also adult ones like It was also made possible by the internet, which allowed anyone to access it in seconds.

Videos have become a valuable tool for commercial purposes due to their huge growth and relevance through search engines and social media. But how do you make it happen? Next, we will show you how to make YouTube a part of your video marketing strategy.

Step 1: Defining keywords

It is important that you think about the terms that you wish to be found. Write keywords that describe your videos. Avoid using too many specialized terms. Many Internet users use familiar terms for their searches. For each video, try to find at least two or three terms. You can also create phrases using two to three words. These words will become the keywords that are used to optimize your videos.

Tip: Use these useful tools to locate the most relevant keywords. and SEM-Tools allow you to search YouTube for specific keyword combinations.

You can also add long tail keywords

It is difficult for marketers to compete to be the best in their industry using the most searched keywords, particularly YouTube and Google. Here’s the solution: Instead, use long-tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are longer phrases that include your main keyword. Long-tail keywords can be used to target specific search terms for potential customers. They also help improve your video’s rank under your main keyword.

Step 2: Keyword placement

After you have identified your keywords, it is time to add them to the video details. These are the essential elements.

Title of the video

It is important that at least one keyword appears in the title. The ideal place for the keyword to appear is at the beginning of your title. The title of your video should include the keyword. This will help you position it. However, as our video is likely to appear in a list or related results, it is important that we include persuasive elements even if the clicks are not. This balance must be maintained between optimization and persuasion to create a compelling title that is both attractive for SEO and user.

Video description

You can add a few words about the video in the description. You can include information about the background music or equipment used to record the video. You can request subscribers to your channel, or link to your website in the description. It must include the keyword in any case.

While the video will be the main content, the description can contain text-oriented information. These elements will assist us in this regard:

  • Including keywords
  • Include a video index
  • Transcription of content
  • Add a link on the site

Name of the video file

The keyword can be included in the video file name.


Keywords can be added to the tags. This field will contain the main topics covered in the video. Remember that keyword research I spoke of above? We will need to enter the keywords we wish to rank.

YouTube offers tags as an exclusive feature in relation to other networks like Twitter and Instagram. They are useful for classifying content.

You should only use relevant keywords if you do. To get more visibility, don’t use keywords that are not related to your content. It is possible to make a mistake. You will be punished if you cheat YouTube.

Google and other search engines use tags to help users understand the video’s content better.


It may seem like an Internet gift to be able disable comments from a video. But don’t do it. This will impact the video’s visibility. YouTube uses comments to measure the relevancy, quality, and timeliness for its content. Check the box to make sure they’re activated!

3. YouTube’s presence is crucial

First impressions are what matter. Make sure your YouTube channel design is attractive and enjoyable to view. Your username should be a symbol of your brand and your message. The same goes for your cover and profile pictures.

You should consider a responsive design. This means that it can be adapted to different devices. Also, try to describe the channel well with keywords relevant to the market or niche.

You can also set an intro video at your channel’s top that will only be seen to visitors who have not subscribed. This is a highly recommended option as more brands are making a profit from it.

Language, category, and other parameters

YouTube can also help us to better find our videos by using advanced configurations. You can define the main language or the category it belongs to.

Google will be able to identify the video content more quickly with the help of video subtitles. YouTube’s functionality means that we won’t have to add subtitles to the video. The tool will automatically generate subtitles from audio texts we can review and edit.

Create a custom thumbnail

The title of your video is very important. However, the thumbnail is even more important. It is often what gets users to click on your video. In order to get users to click on your video, some people use fake thumbnails.

This is not a good idea. YouTube will give you negative feedback and lower your rank.

We also mention that personalized thumbnails cannot be used until you have verified your account via text or SMS. This should not be an issue.

This factor is not directly related to the CTR, but it is crucial for videos’ success. We must pay particular attention to the creation of this thumbnail. It will compete with the title in the video recordings. We don’t have to stick to one image. You can also enter a textual description for the thumbnail.

4. Video length

Which is more important in SEO for YouTube: short or long videos?

While short videos are popular on other social networks, YouTube positioning is preferred by longer videos. According to the study, the average time spent on YouTube’s first page is 14 minutes and 50 seconds.

YouTube views are a positioning signal. In other words, they aim to promote videos that retain users for long periods of time, generate more interaction, comments, and likes, which affect the ranking of the video.

5. Video recording and editing

When optimizing YouTube videos, another aspect to consider is the recording and editing process of the video you intend to publish. It is important to remember that YouTube videos can differ from one another and that it all depends on your business model.

The conceptualization of the video is, therefore, something that everyone can do. It also depends on the orientation your company wants to give to your video marketing strategy.

Next, you need to consider the quality of your video. It is strongly recommended that videos be at least of high quality.

Many people today enjoy YouTube videos in HD quality. It is highly recommended that you have this feature. If users are slow with their connections, they will affect the quality of the video. YouTube also loves HD and Full HD. If you are looking to improve your YouTube presence, don’t hesitate to use this quality.

It is also important to note that 16:9 and h624 formats work best on the popular video platform. If your video requires it, you will need a video edit. It is not necessary for e-commerce videos, except for certain details. However, it is possible to improve the quality of your videos if you have some knowledge.

You can share your YouTube videos anywhere you like

You can also submit your video to other online communities like Reddit, Linkedin and Quora. Your videos can be used in blog posts, guest posts and, if possible, in any other type of branded content.

It is also very easy to include a link to your YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook on your website.

6. Annotations

YouTube annotations let you add additional information to a video and redirect to another video to get more information or create sequences. You will see boxes with different invitations to actions: subscribe to the channel, watch another video or share the video.


  1. They might be hidden by ads if they are placed at the bottom of your video.
  2. They should be used in a subtle manner that doesn’t negatively impact the user experience.
  3. These should be placed at the end of your video so users can see the content and stay focused.

7. YouTube Offpage SEO: Content distribution

Offpage optimization can also be done. This is because YouTube content can be distributed beyond the platform just as any other content. It is important to create as many links as possible for the channel or specific videos. This is where embed codes come in handy. YouTube will rank your videos higher if you have more links or sites that share them.

YouTube ranking increases can be achieved by sharing your content and linking to it. You can get external views and links to your YouTube channel by posting YouTube videos to platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.

In the description of the video, include links to your blog

You can use the description of the videos. This is where you will direct people to the video.

YouTube uses inbound links to calculate popularity and relevancy of videos.

8. Creativity and originality

There are many videos that relate to your industry on YouTube. Your video should stand out from the rest. You need to not only provide quality content but also use your imagination to grab the attention of users.

Keep in mind that YouTube’s most popular advertising videos are unique and original, and thus different from all others. The one who created the Belgian TNT channel. The video shows a red button in a market with the message: “Press to Add Drama” (“Press To Add Drama”). Clicking (say “curiosity killed …”)the cat) will bring up dramatic scenes. The original YouTube advertisement for TNT drew 50 million hits.

9. Video Sitemap XML

Google Webmaster Tools will allow you to upload an XML Video sitemap to enable Google to find the video on your website. A series of data is required to do this:

Title of the video
Video description
URL of the page where embedded videos are located (not the page that the video is hosted).
The URL to the video preview image
If YouTube is the URL for the YouTube video, the URL of the page that hosted it.

Google provides a guide to help you choose the right tags for your XML sitemap.

These two plugins make it easier to use WordPress.

XML sitemap generator for video
View the embed code and preview the image generator

10. Here are some other tips to consider when positioning a Video

Define your audience. Who are you making the videos for? It’s easier to position yourself for a niche audience than it is for a large one. Because we will always be favored by a specific and long keyword, it is crucial to pick the right keywords. It will be difficult to position yourself if you use the keyword marketing. However, if you use “Master Inbound Marketing”, you will be able to reach your target more effectively.

You can share the videos via social networks. Google + is the best social network to share a video. It is not because it is popular, but because it will position your video best for its relationship with Google. YouTube’s “social pro” method makes views so crucial. YouTube collects data from many users to determine whether something is popular. This includes views, subscriptions, likes, and views.

Users should see the whole video. YouTube will remove a video if it is only seen for a few seconds. We solve this problem by adding a brief introduction to the videos at the beginning. This tells the user what’s next and allows them to continue watching.

YouTube’s automated transcriptions can be improved. YouTube will automatically listen to and transcribe the audio signal from your video. You can correct mistakes in transcripts, which will make them much more accurate and ensure that you don’t miss any keywords. These keywords will assist you in positioning. So take advantage of them! You can see the importance Youtube places on transcription. If you enter a poorly-transcribed phrase into the search engine, your video will appear.

Video marketing has many benefits

Attractiveness: Because video captures users’ attention more easily, it is very appealing. Multimedia content can attract and retain users much better. Video content will always attract more people than written content.

Expand the information: The video allows us to expand and support the information. This format allows us to see the product in its entirety, which is a huge advantage for companies who, for instance, want to promote a product.

It increases your time on our site. This is because the video generates more interest and users spend more time with this type of content.

Trust: This is a fact because it generates more trust and credibility than any other type of content. Simply by listening and seeing someone, we can feel more confident. It is crucial to increase user confidence in online stores, for example.

You can improve SEO by using it to increase your Google SEO ranking. Google allows videos to appear on the first Google page. In fact, Google reserves some positions for video. If you’ve done well, keywords will be easier displayed on the first Google page.

Viralizations are a great way to spread a message. Videos often cause us to feel a reaction. If these feelings are positive, then we share more.

We can generate interest through a video. This allows us to elicit interest in our brand, product or service that the user wouldn’t otherwise feel.

Interaction: Videos have the added advantage of generating interaction with users. It allows us to get feedback which is important for users to share their opinions.