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How can you use backlinks to help with SEO optimization?

If you’re already optimizing your website for SEO, or simply passionate about this field and want to learn more, the concept of “backlink” may be familiar.

We will be discussing at leisure what backlinks are, how to recognize a high-quality backlink, and most importantly, how to strengthen the website’s backlink base.

What is a Backlink?

Backlinks, also known as “external and inbound links”, are URL links that link from one website to another. Google and other search engines consider backlinks to be “votes of trust” for a page. Websites with a lot of backlinks rank higher in search engine results.

What is the importance of a backlink for SEO?

Google’s algorithm uses backlinks as a ranking factor. Not only is it important for the quantity, but also for the quality. Each backlink, as I have said, is nothing but an “external voto de confianza”, which is a guarantee that search engines will find relevant, valuable and powerful content on the page. The two domains will then be subject to a transfer of authority. A backlink is worth more if it has a higher authority than the page that referred to it.

Backlinks can also be a source of valuable traffic. This depends on the site that recommended your page and the relevancy of your page to your target audience.

There are many factors that affect the quality of a backlink.
What are the key features of a high-quality external link?

1. It is credible and authoritative.

Search engines are like journalists in that they carefully choose their sources. You would be more confident in information found on a page from a well-respected media trust than information shared by a friend on social networking sites. Google will also recognize more value in a link from a website that has a high DA or DR score.

2. Your domain is relevant to the page from which the backlink is being sent.

Google is interested in establishing a link between two websites.

If you publish a SEO article on dentistry, your backlink will be more valuable than if it comes from a general platform.

Don’t forget about relevance, authority and all that! You won’t get the best results if you have a page that has low authority but high relevance.

3. The anchor word of the link contains the keyword

The anchor word refers to the visible portion of the link, or better yet, the visible word/phrase within the text where we will place the URL hyperlink. It is important that the anchor contain the keyword of your site in order to increase the value of the backlink. This is usually found in the link. This type of anchor is known as Exact Match Anchor Text.

4. The link in the text is “Dofollow”.

There are two types of backlinks. One is very valuable for SEO purposes. Here it is:

Search engines will ignore links if there is a “Nofollow” tag. These backlinks don’t convey any value between sites.

Dofollow links, on the other hand, are external links everyone wants to be linked because they permit that authority transfer we mentioned earlier.

But be careful! As long as the links are credible and reliable, dofollow links can add value to your site. You may also find “toxic” backlinks that are obtained from sites not trusted or violate the search engine’s terms. These backlinks could lead to your website being de-indexed or penalized.

Remember that Google rankings are not based on the number of backlinks, but the quality.

5. This backlink is from a domain which has never recommended you before

It can be difficult to find new sources that will link to your pages. However, it is worth the effort. A Backlinko study found that there is a strong correlation between backlinks and page ranking in search engine results.

How can you obtain quality backlinks to your website?

We have already discussed the characteristics of a quality backlink. How can we make sure that quality backlinks are generated to our website?

These are five easy ways to build a solid backlink foundation.

1. You should create quality content that is relevant to your field. Include “shareable” content like blog articles, infographics and case studies. This information will spread quickly organically and generate backlinks from other relevant sources.

You can reach a Content Writing specialist if you need assistance!

2. Write content that is of interest to other blogs (Guest Post). Many specialized websites have such an editorial policy and offer a place for expression and promotion to different people who are experts in the field.

3. You can create valuable audio, video or photo materials in your field of expertise. You can easily share any relevant, quality content online, no matter what format it was created in.

4. Reach out to influencers. While domestic influencers tend to rely more on social media, blogs are still a valuable channel. Many brands want to be mentioned in their articles.

You can negotiate a set of articles with “Dofollow” links. They will generate significant traffic to your recommended pages in addition to their SEO contribution.

5. Incorporate links into your Social Media Marketing strategy. Remember that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as LinkedIn, are all websites. Any link in a post can be a valuable backlink to your website.

Search Engines: An Overview, How They Work and Why They Matter

What number of times have you used Google, one of the most popular search engines on the planet, in the past three days? As with any other revolutionary technology, the search engine’s life gradually integrates into our daily lives. It is no longer an active feature of our lives. The famous search engine has been made a verb in English and the dictionary since 2006, despite company protestations.

History searches

Did you know the first search engine in the world appeared in 1990, one year after the launch of the World Wide Web? In 1992, there were only 10 websites. However, the desire to understand these sites was felt and maybe anticipated. Archie was the first search engine. Instead of getting the search results pages that we know today, you would get a.txt document that you could download. It contained the most important piece of information: the URL for the site that was associated with your search.

To be there at the launch Yahoo!, the most well-known (yet), search engine, we skip a few years. This was in 1994 when there were 2,738 websites. Yahoo had already distinguished between information sites that could be added to the search engine free of charge and commercial sites which required an annual fee of several hundred dollars.

AltaVista is the most prominent search engine launched in 2000. In 1996, there were 257,601 websites. MSN was launched in 1999 (there were 3,177.453 sites then). What happened to these search engines? Yahoo bought AltaVista in 2003 and MSN was transformed into Bing in 2009. Bing is the second most used search engine, after Google.

Google’s search engine was first launched in 1998. It has been in use since then, with no interruptions, as the most popular and widely used search engine in the world. Globally, Google held 92.51% market share in 2020. In Romania, however, the market share for the search engine is even greater, reaching 97.93%!

What is the purpose of a search engine?

There are currently 1.8 billion websites on the Internet. Of these, 75% are not actively used. And of those that are active, not all take search engine optimization seriously. An optimized site will be more prominent among the hundreds of millions of other sites. The story doesn’t end when the user searches Google for something.

A search engine is basically a program that organizes and stores web pages according to certain criteria in order to provide users with fast access to the information they need. Let’s look at a few:

A Web crawler or spider is an Internet bot that searches the World Wide Web for’signals’. It uses link to link to search for new pages, images, and files, and also tracks all links between sites. It is recommended that you immediately link to an older page that has been indexed when creating a new page. This would act as an invitation for bots to index the new page. This context makes Off Page SEO (the backlink network) even more important. Specialists also have other tools that can accelerate this process. For example, they may issue clearer invitations to robots.
Search engine indexing can be compared to a large catalog. The crawlers discover and scan content and store it (“cached”) on servers. This allows the user to rank the search results more logically and according to his searches.

Finally, if you are searching for something, the search software will scan through billions of pages to find the right information.

Why should you care?

You might be a casual user, or a student searching Google for various topics. Understanding the purpose of search engines and how they work can help you improve your search skills. Search engines are designed to help you find what you’re looking for. The most reliable and relevant information. Google will be more useful to you if it provides the answers and solutions you are looking for. A search engine will only index pages and sites that it finds useful.

It is vital to understand the above in order to create web pages that are search engine friendly.

People still use search engines to find information. 98% of those surveyed in the annual digital survey by Hootsuite or We Are Social said they use a search engine at least once a month (in Romania, 99.6%). Seven out of 10 participants in the study said that they use more than just traditional search engines. They also use social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and voice search tools. The percentages are also applicable to e-commerce. For instance, 87.7% Romanians search online for products ,services or

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, it is vital to be visible online. When we say “visible”, it is a reference to the “diamond mine” mentioned at the beginning of this article. It is important to be in the top positions on Google.

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The general perception is that adult entertainment is easy. However, reality is quite different. Online modeling is just like any other job. You have to do your best to achieve the results you desire. Understanding the industry is key to success.

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What is Lazy Loading and how can it increase the loading speed in the store?

Lazy loading is a great practice to speed up page loading and improve the user experience of websites, especially for online shops. Its activation is crucial in the context Google Core Web Vitals metrics implementation, which aims to increase the visitor experience on website pages.

What is the Lazy Loading function?

The Lazy Loading function will allow images to be loaded slowly on listing pages, just as they appear on the page. (The user can only access them when they reach them). Listings with many product images will load much faster and the browser will not download any background images that are not displayed on the page.

If the Lazy Loading function has been inactive, the browser will download all images in the background when the page contains large numbers of products. In this case, both the resources and time that the user spends waiting for the content load are lost.

Instead, the Lazy Loading function will allow the client to view images as he navigates through the site. The display will happen automatically without any intervention from you. Page loading speeds will increase and all elements will be displayed immediately. This greatly improves the user experience, especially for mobile devices (phones and tablets), which load slower than desktops or laptops.